South Pomfret, Vermont
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Homeschool Acrylic Painting

Explore acrylic painting in this homeschool studio time!

Through the use of photographic reference students will be guided on how to interpret shape, color, and composition to create a unique portrait. Session 1 will focus on abstractions, Session 2 will focus on portraiture, Session 3 will focus on landscape. 

Alyssa Kubitz was drawn to markers and crayons as soon as she could hold them and has used art as a means for self discovery, peace of mind, and self expression ever since. Over the past twenty years she has worked with a variety of media, including painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, industrial sized murals, and collage. In 2013 she graduated from Massart where she Majored in Painting and received her Bachelors in Fine Art. In that same year she then moved to Portland, Or where she sold her work and had multiple venues throughout the city. Her artwork topics have varied from sexuality, feminism, spiritually, dream worlds, energy work, nature, and everything in between. Currently, her work focuses on expression of color and shape to help cultivate higher vibrations of energy in others and environments. Today, she is living in VT where she creates from home and has been displayed at multiple venues. Currently, she hopes to have her work in homes and spaces that are intentional, clear, and loving and to aid in raising their vibration. For more about Alyssa and her work please visit