South Pomfret, Vermont
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Holidays Around the World (Ages 5-9)

Come make creative gifts inspired by winter holiday traditions across the globe.

Pack your imagination and let’s explore holidays around the world. We will make creative gifts inspired by traditions such as ginger bread in Germany, poinsettias in Mexico, and crowns of leaves in Sweden. Come and get crafty with us as we take a look at winter holidays far and wide. 

 Sarah Bernstein grew up in south shore Massachusetts. She worked as a certified preschool teacher while getting her BA in Psychology with a minor in studio art at Framingham State College. Her love of crafts started at a very early age! Sarah's mother Jenney Silva taught her to sew at just two years old and to crochet at five. Growing up, her home was always filled with arts and crafts. Sarah went on to study studio art with a focus in painting in college. As an adult she spends much of her time crocheting and crafting with her children.