South Pomfret, Vermont
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Handbuilding in Clay for Kids

Older children and teens will work on handbuilding with clay, learning good technique in sculpting.

This session will introduce and build on the basics of handbuilding skills; pinch pots, coils and slab works. As we progress through the techniques to construct work we will discuss form, function, glazing and decorating. 

Fiona Davis, Ceramics Director, was born and educated in the UK, where she studied early childhood education and development. She immigrated to the United States with her husband and moved to Vermont in 1988. Fiona first took pottery with Jenny Swanson and worked with her at the League of NH Craftsmen and later at Dartmouth College’s Ceramic Workshops. Fiona was apprenticed to Miranda Thomas at her workshop in Quechee and followed her to Bridgewater, VT, where she worked alongside Ara Cardew. During this time she taught at the ArtPost, started by Caroline Bardos. Fiona came to ArtisTree in 2012 to begin the ceramics program and to help provide outreach opportunities to different communities within the Upper Valley.