South Pomfret, Vermont
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Hand Building with Clay

Explore an exciting range of possibilities when hand building with clay.

Explore an exciting range of possibilities for making pottery without a wheel. Pinch, coil, and slab-building are among the skills you will learn and use to create an array of functional and decorative pieces. We will also consider texture and surface decoration in relation to shape and size. All finished pieces can be glazed. Price includes stoneware clay, firing, and glazes.

Veronica DeLay is a potter and an instructor. Her ceramics evoke the countryside of her Italian ancestors, and she named her pottery Tocco Terra because it means “I touch earth.” Her interest in pottery is part of a larger exploration about creative work in many mediums. She is curious about symbolism and subject matter that reappear throughout history, enduring the test of time. She is inspired by ancient illuminations and frescoes, as well as the artists and craftspeople who made them. For more information about Veronica, visit her website. []