South Pomfret, Vermont
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Full Palette Painting

Sharpen your skills in representational drawing and painting in this fourth of four classes in the atelier method.

This is the 4th course in a cumulative 4-class series for anyone serious about sharpening skills in representational drawing and painting. The courses are loosely-based around the academic, or atelier, method, and will follow tried-and-true techniques from the studios of the masters: copying the old masters, learning to paint sight-size, recognizing a range of tones, and painting the figure. This method helps to simplify the barrage of variables that go into capturing an image in paint or pencil into manageable steps.

Full Palette extends the skills developed in the previous three classes by examining the full range of color and tonal relationships. We will copy a master painting in full color over the entire session and focus particularly on color mixing, matching, and blending. If you were unable to take the prerequisite classes but are interested in signing up for Full Palette Painting, please contact Katie at Preference will go to those who have already taken Academic Drawing, Monochromatic Painting, and Limited Palette Painting.

Katie Runde is an artist, a musician, and an instructor. She has a master's in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago and still loves to dig into juicy books on theology (favorite: Abraham Joshua Heschel), ritual theory, linguistic relativity or folklore/mythology. While contemporary realist painting is her day job, by night she reemerges as a woodwind doubler in pit orchestras and a sax player in the local dance band The Party Crashers. For more information about Katie, visit her website.