South Pomfret, Vermont
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Friday Art Runners

Kids explore a world of hands-on art activities in this alternate program to Ski Runners.

This one-day-a-week program for students offers an enriching alternate program to Ski Runners at Suicide 6 Ski Area.  We’ll embark on a journey of imagination and discovery while exploring visual art.  Art is a natural discipline that helps children grow through experience and find joyful, positive, and varied ways to express themselves with confidence. 

No class February 21.

Note: Class fee does not include cost of riding bus from school. Contact your school about bus fees.  Families will need to pick their children up at ArtisTree at the end of class.

Cancelations: Program cancelations because of snow and/or unsafe road conditions are based on the Woodstock Elementary School schedule. Please listen to local radio for school cancelations. In addition, if the Suicide 6 Ski Runners program is canceled for any reason (e.g., unsafe ski conditions) our class will be canceled as well. We will notify you of any cancelations. There will be no make-up days for cancelations.