South Pomfret, Vermont
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Figurative Clay Sculpture: from Bas Relief to the 3-Dimensional Figure

Come experience the power of clay as a medium to render the human face and body.

Clay is a powerfully expressive medium for rendering the human face and body. In this class, students will create two to three figurative sculptures: a bas relief and/or portrait mask and a three-dimensional human figure. We will explore the special properties of clay, the use of tools, and discuss human anatomy and proportion. We will compare various creative approaches, from top-down planning to bottom-up spontaneity. Guest sculptors will visit the class to demonstrate their unique process. We will use drawings, photographs, and/or maquettes as well as one session with a live model to help plan the figurative pieces. Our goal: to develop, refine, dry, fire, and prepare for display two to three finished pieces. The class fee includes all stoneware clay, glazes, and firing plus two visits to clay Open Studio. No class October 15.

Peg Brightman holds a BA from Smith College and an Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition to having a long career as dancer, teacher, and choreographer in modern dance, Peg also is active as a visual artist, working in collage, photography, and sculpture. For over 30 years she has collaborated with composers, graphic designers, sculptors, and poets, discovering the excitement of the unexpected! Peg studied sculpture and sculpture-from-life for many years and she has shown her prize-winning work in clay and bronze in galleries in New York, Maine, and Vermont.