South Pomfret, Vermont
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Farewell Dear Tayo

This August we said farewell to our dear Tayo, a longtime ArtisTree employee and Communications Director.
Tayo was the first ArtisTree employee to be hired ten years ago, and she continued to grow with the organization focusing on all aspects of communications, marketing and being a community liaison.  She is moving onto her next phase of her career as the Director of the Ottaquechee Health Foundation, and I sat down with her to reflect upon her experience here at ArtisTree. Check out the interview below: 

1.    How long have you been working at ArtisTree?

 "I began working at ArtisTree (then Purple Crayon) in January of 2009 – would have been 10 years this coming winter! Crazy how time flies."
2.    How has the organization grown over the past 10 years in your eyes? 

"ArtisTree has experienced exponential growth over the years. When I started, I think we offered something like 10 classes a session – now we have over 50 in addition to over 100 events per year! That is an amazing increase in a fairly short period of time. It was a slow and steady growth that made it all possible – we worked hard in the early years to collaborate and gain recognition in the community as a resource and creative destination." 
3.    What was your favorite thing about all your different hats you wore at ArtisTree?

"All of my “hats” here were filled with excitement and learning. There was so much growth happening in the early years it was hard not to love what I was doing every day. New connections, new collaborators, new instructors. It was all new and all very exciting. That momentum has continued over the years, every single year at work provided new challenges, new exciting ideas and new staff to help support the continued growth that the organization was experiencing. I have really enjoyed and cherish every single moment I have had here."
4.    What are the things that you will miss the most about working at ArtisTree?

"I will particularly miss Kathleen, my co-workers and the patrons. It has been such an amazingly supportive environment and the best group of people to work with and around. This community is simply wonderful – both inside and outside of the ArtisTree walls. Every single person I have encountered during my time here has left a mark on me and made me who I am today."
5.    What's your funniest memory working at ArtisTree?

"Oh my, there are many moments that I could reminisce on! One that stands out in particular is years ago during prep for an UNBOUND exhibit opening. It was a total torrential rain storm and we had to move some tents around to create a covered path to the door. Adrian and I were walking the already erected tent to where it needed to go in the courtyard and a large pool of water sloshed off the top and poured over my head! I was drenched head to toe and had to work the whole exhibit soaking wet! We had a good time talking about that one for years!"
6.    What is your new position?

"My new position is at the Ottauquechee Health Foundation (OHF) as their new executive director."
7.    What are you excited about most in your new position as Executive Director of Ottauquechee Health Foundation? 

"In many ways, OHF and ArtisTree share similar aspects of their visions for the greater community – they both allow community members opportunities for education, leading to an advance in their overall wellbeing. A healthy community is a vibrant community.  OHF feels like a natural next step for me because of this. I have a personal passion for educating people and sharing the stories of organizations – and OHF has a great story to tell. I am honored to have been chosen to be a voice for OHF and look forward to the challenges and opportunities it will bring.

One of the hardest aspects of my new position at OHF will be leaving the almost 10 years of deep seeded knowledge about ArtisTree behind and planting new roots with a whole new organization. But, I am ready for the challenge and expect to support OHF with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as I did for ArtisTree and others before."

10. Where can we still find you around here in the community of Woodstock?  
"I feel privileged to be able to continue to work in the Woodstock area. I will still be involved in multiple community initiatives and partake in meetings and committees. People will be sure to see me around."

We are sad to see Tayo leave our ArtisTree family, but we are thrilled for her newest adventure at The Ottauquechee Health Foundation. Tayo, you will always have a home here, and we hope to collaborate in the future with OHF. Best wishes for a bright future. 


Here's photo from 2011 of Geraldine, Tayo, Kathleen and Adrian.