South Pomfret, Vermont
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Fairies and Woodland Creatures - AT HOME CAMP

Let’s take flight to a magical land of fairies, elves, talking animals, and much more.

Let’s take flight to a magical land of fairies, elves, talking animals, and much more. Spend the week exploring the fantasy world of the magic forest where we will make fairy houses, go on scavenger hunts, and create fairy dolls, trolls, and other mysterious woodland creatures.

Would you like to make and create in the comfort of your home, but still be a part of a camp? We have good news! You can join our physically distanced, but socially connected camps. Leave the time preparing and organizing to us here at ArtisTree. Pick up your supply box full of craft supplies and detailed instructions for your projects and begin exploring and getting creative. Each project will need a small amount of assistance from a parent or caregiver to help read through the instructions and assemble. The time you take to put your kits together is up to you. You can make it simple or go above and beyond. The sky's the limit. We would like to note that an in-person camp will be happening at Artistree that same week as the at-home version, and that the Zoom session will combine the two groups together -- home, and Artistree-- to share their projects.

Fairies and Woodland Creatures At Home Camp
Pick up your art box and take flight to a magical land of fairies, trolls, and woodland creatures. Build a fairy house and place it in your backyard for visitors to enjoy. After you've spent the week creating and building share with us your creations through a short zoom meeting on Friday, August 7th at 9:30am.
Fee: $75

Emily Burkholder received her BFA in art with a focus in painting and a minor in music from Castleton University. She is an artist, exhibiting her paintings in local galleries as well as in the Bryan Memorial Gallery. Emily is a member of the Vermont Watercolor Society and the ArtisTree Daily Artists. She is also a certified Reiki master and homeschools her children.