South Pomfret, Vermont
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Exploring Pastels

Discover a variety of pastel mediums and techniques!

Whether a beginner or a pro, this class will ask you to experiment with the diversity of pastels. The materials of the medium vary widely and we will use each method to determine which best suits the artist and the subject. Materials will be provided by the instructor and will include a range of pastel and paper types, which will lead to very different final pieces. Then, as you find your favorite groove, we will cover composition, techniques for finished work, size and even the difficulty of framing pastels.

Participants are welcomed to bring masks and gloves. Many people prefer wearing masks and gloves when working with pastels as the materials can get dusty. 

We will learn how to avoid the “mudiness” that can occur when working with this medium, how to achieve pure clarity of color and how much materials influence the final piece. 

Gaal Shepherd is a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art and the Vermont Studio Center. She came to Vermont in 1988 to paint and study and has participated in over 100 art shows in New England. She began working in pastels early on, having come from a graphic design background in the 1980s. Gaal is excited to share her 40 years of experience as the easel with pastels and believes that they can be easily taught to all people!