South Pomfret, Vermont
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SOLD OUT! In the Box Entertainment! MANHUNT: Mystery in a Box

In this virtual game of cat and mouse... who's chasing who?



You buy a ticket. You're delivered a box. Inside the box, you find a variety of objects, along with an invitation... beckoning you to solve a mysterious puzzle. You accept the invitation, and are connected online to a detective who needs the clues in your box to start connecting the pieces... but... the pieces to what? As the plot unfolds into a night of twists and turns - along with virtual live performances that plunge you deeper into a world of noir and intrigue - you realize this is about much more than random items in a box. You begin to wonder: in this virtual game of cat and mouse... who's chasing who? And why is one of your objects a clock that's slowly counting down? And... perhaps most importantly of all... what happens when it hits zero?

The purchase of a single "ticket" gives you, your friends and family (or whomever you choose to share your device screen with in your home) an opportunity to participate in this entertaining and jaw-dropping performance together!


Tues, Jan. 12 @ 8pm EST
Weds, Jan. 13 @ 8pm EST 
Thurs, Jan 14 @ 8pm EST

Fri, Jan. 15 @ 8pm EST
Sat, Jan. 16 @ 8pm EST

Tues, Jan. 19 @ 8pm EST
Weds, Jan. 20 @ 8pm EST 
Thurs, Jan 21 @ 8pm EST

Fri, Jan. 22 @ 8pm EST
Sat, Jan. 23 @ 8pm EST 



*If tickets are purchased less than 6 business days in advance of the event, we cannot guarantee your box will arrive in time.

**This show is family-friendly but will be difficult for young children to participate due to the difficulty of the clues/puzzles.

How it works.

  1. Choose a date from above
  2. Purchase a ticket for your household
  3. Receive your box in the mail before your showtime. (*Tickets purchased less than 5 days in advance of the event, are not guaranteed to receive your box in time.)
  4. You will receive a zoom link in the box. Tune in to the online meeting space at 8 pm on your showtime date.
  5. Gather with your friends or family and be entertained!

Email Ashley at with any questions!

What Is An IN THE BOX Show?

All of our shows are ticketed live performances that entertain you from the comfort of your home. And all shows include an interactive mystery box mailed to your door prior to the event.

It all starts when the box arrives at your doorstep. It’ll sit on your kitchen counter for days, leaving you wondering: 

What’s in the Box?

But Seriously, What’s Inside?
We can’t tell you or it’ll ruin the fun.