South Pomfret, Vermont
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Drum with Sayon Camara

Join us for a joyful time drumming, singing in the Malinke language, and listening to stories from Sayon’s village in the Sankaran region of Guinea.

Join us for 90 minutes of drumming bliss with Sayon guiding you through the ancient rhythms of his village in the Sankaran region of Guinea. Drum, sing in the Malinke language, and hear the stories of his traditional music. All levels are welcome! All you need to do is show up. Wear comfortable clothing, bring and audio recorder if you like, water and a snack if you'll need it. If you have a djembe, bring it, too!

Note: this class is part of a series with Sayon and Lev Camara. On May 1 Sayon and Lev teach the workshop West African Dance from Guinea, and on May 22 they present the event West African Evening: Drum, Dance and Concert. Check the ArtisTree website for details.

Sayon Camara is an unusually gifted teacher and djembefola (one who plays the djembe drum) with a rare sensitivity to the student’s perspective. You will find Sayon’s teaching of the traditional musical rhythms for the djembe and dounouns (traditional drums of West Africa providing the melodies to accompany the djembe), and the songs and stories of the Malinke people, to be passionately and respectfully infused with the gentle, electrifying warmth of pure joy, and delivered with crystalline clarity and an impeccable sense of time. He offers drumming classes and workshops as well as private instruction and workshops in New England, the US, Guinea, Canada, Japan and China. For more about Sayon, visit his website.