South Pomfret, Vermont
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Drawing Live Animals

Improve your drawing skills...working from photos and live models!

Here's your chance to really focus on improving your drawing skills. Using photographs and a few live models, we'll practice drawing various animals with pencil, pastel, ink, and charcoal. Starting with basic shapes and simple lines to define cartoon-like body shapes, we'll move on to more realistic sketches with texture and shading. Feel free to bring a photograph of a special creature that you know and love and would like to draw. 

Lisa Kaija received her BA in Art History at Dartmouth College and her K-6 General Education/Visual Arts teaching certification through the Upper Valley Teacher Institute. During the last thirty years, she taught all subjects in grades K-4 and some subjects in grade 5-6 in various Upper Valley public and private schools. She has trained mid-life career changers to become teachers and raised five children with her husband, Kevin. Lisa revels in teaching art. The question she dodges most often is “Are you an artist?,” since she considers herself a teacher first and an artist second, and elementary art teachers need to know a little about a lot of different art forms. She thrives on challenges and enjoys being creative with people of any age.