South Pomfret, Vermont
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Drawing Boot Camp

Five-week drawing skills class, or independent study? You get to choose!

Ready to take your drawing to the next level? Need to troubleshoot the project you are already working on? This class is available both as a five-week drawing skills sharpener in its own right AND as a drop-in workshop which you can join with your own independent drawing project and receive guidance along the way. The class will offer exercises in academic drawing and drawing white on black (for which there is a brief materials list) for those interested in programmatic skill-building. Other participants can use this as an open space for your own drawing projects, should you need the external boost of a class to keep your drawing moving and/or pointers to help you get past challenges, anxieties, and sticking points along the way.

A materials list is available for five-week session participants.

Katie Runde is an artist, a musician, and an instructor. She has a master’s in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago and still loves to dig into juicy books on theology, ritual theory, linguistic relativity, and folklore/mythology. While contemporary realist painting is her day job, by night she reemerges as a woodwind doubler in pit orchestras and a sax player in the local dance band The Party Crashers. For more information about Katie, please visit her website.