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Doodle Magic is a Joy

Oh, poor me! PaintJoy is no longer supported by the latest Apple iOS system software and I cannot use it on my iPad. In searching for a similar app, I found Doodle/Magic Joy. While I don't personally like this app as much as PaintJoy, it is quite fun to use and has some interesting features that I'd like to share with you.

When looking for the Doodle/Magic Joy app to add to your device, look for this logo. This is a free app!

doodle-magic-imageWhen you first open the app, you'll see this screen.


Click on New and you'll see this screen. At the bottom, starting from left to right, the options are Page Background, Colors/Styles, Lines, Undo, Record, finally the Checkmark is to save.


Black is the default background color. Here are your other options.


Here are the brushes that you can work with. Based on what I see online, it looks like the android version of the app offers you more choices. Each brushstroke has a set of colors it uses. You do not have a color choice. Each time you use the brushstroke, it will use a different color. Therefore, for example, if while using one of the brushstrokes you only want to use one of the colors, you'll need to press the undo button until that color choice reappears.


You can also select the number of lines and the pattern.


Here are some examples of some quick doodles.


For me though, the most fun happens after using Doodle Magic when editing in the Enlight and Layout apps. Here are some examples.

I'll be sure to do a video blog to demonstrate what you can do with Doodle/Magic Joy together with some other apps. So stay tuned. I love sharing digital art with you. Have fun and create!

Diana Mellar

Diana Mellar is the Administrative Manager at Artistree Community Arts Center.