South Pomfret, Vermont
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Take That Doodle Further

Most of my doodles are done on the iPad now. But at a recent meeting, yours truly felt compelled to to do this doodle... and yes, I was listening. ;)

I've taken pictures of my paintings and transformed them using art apps. I've done this with photos too. I thought about what I could do to this doodle. 

To transform this doodle, I used the Procreate, Layout and Enlight apps on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. However, you can use these apps on other devices, and with a stylus, or your finger!

Here I opened image in the Procreate app and isolate the target doodle by coloring around it. I wanted to use a greenish-gray shade.

I cropped the photo to prepare it for mirroring. I used Enlight to crop this photo, but you can use any app. 

I used the Layout app to mirror the image.

I widened the eyes in the Enlight app using the reshaping tool.

The Procreate app is great for coloring. I tried a couple of different ways to color in the face.

Using the Enlight app, I reshaped the image a bit more and applied some filters.

I can go in so many different directions with this doodle, which is what I love about digital art. 

Here's a little slideshow of the transformation.

Whether you doodle on paper or on your digital device, there are so many options. It's a transformative experience. I suggest you try it!

Yours truly,

Diana Mellar

Diana Mellar is the Administrative Manager at ArtisTree Community Arts Center. She's also an artist with designs on Society6, Redbubble, and has an upcoming exhibit in August.