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Do you Uzu?

Warning... I'm about to tell you about a very addictive app. Are you ready?

Uzu - A Generative Design Playground, is just that... a playground. This app is so fun and mesmerizing, you may have difficulty putting it down. The price of this app is only $1.99, so just do it: download and experiment!

So what does Uzu do? It creates fractals and mandalas while it ignites your imagination.

Watch this brief video demonstration showing some of the things that you can do.

And here are some examples of uzu images.


Let's go into more detail together to show you the features of this app. At the bottom right of your screen, you'll see a series of option buttons. From left to right, they are: Previous Preset, Next Preset, Autoplay, Freeze Mode, Camera, and Settings (the 3 bars). See the images below.

previous preset button

next preset button

Toggle through a series of preset patterns and play with them.

autoplay button

Or just chill and be mesmerized by their beauty.

freeze button

You can freeze an image and then slowly manipulate the pattern.

photo-save button

This button is very important. Save your images. Save them frequently! You can open these images in other digital art apps and there's an entire other world of creativity ahead.

When you click on the settings bars (the three horizontal lines), you see these panels of more options, which are pictured below. From left to right they are: Presets Panel, Settings Panel, Modes Panel, Symmetry Panel, and Options. 

presets panel

settings panel button



 The Settings and the Symmetry panels are by far the two most important panels in my opinion! With these tools, you control the pattern and the outcome.


The fun doesn't end here. There's so much to do in the editing process, which will be the feature of my next blog.

Until then, thank you for reading. Be sure to put down the tablet and take a rest from time to time (wink) and Happy Doodling!!

Yours truly,

The Digital Doodler

Diana Mellar is the Administrative Manager at ArtisTree.