South Pomfret, Vermont
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Daily Artist's Enters its 6th Year!

If ever a group of people embodied the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination”, it would be the members of ArtisTree’s Daily Artists community. Now entering its sixth year, this group of local artists has not only grown in numbers over the years but also in the types of artistic mediums represented. Daily Artists was originally called Daily Painters. JJ Overstreet, an ArtisTree staff member and a painter, is the founder of the group and has been its facilitator for the last five years. She was inspired to provide an opportunity for local artists who wanted to take the popular online daily artists concept and turn it into a “real life community of painters”, committed to making a completed painting each day for 365 days. Since then this community has grown to include photographers, jewelers, digital artists, sculptures, musicians, and others committed to creating art every day.
For anyone who is interested in participating in this year’s Daily Artist’s challenge, it begins on February 1, 2019. From beginners to seasoned artists, anyone with a desire to incorporate more creative time into their daily lives is encouraged to participate. For those who feel intimidated by the commitment, some daily artists say that working on one small piece each day - as small as 1” x 1” for as little as five minutes a day - eases the pressure of committing to a large-scale project. The goal is simply to engage in the daily practice of art, while also enjoying being a part of a larger like-minded community.
The diversity of artistic mediums represented by the group is just one way in which the community is enhanced by its more than 40 members. For example, Daily Artist Diana Mellar brings diversity to the community with her vibrant and emotive pieces of digital art. Diana’s pieces showcase her love of the digital platform, which she refers to as her “passion”. She says being part of Daily Artists, “was a great way for me to get back into art and to be inspired.” As time went by, this challenge pushed Diana to experiment with new digital applications, and it gave her a deepening appreciation for this platform. Diana says she became "adept in digital art through daily experimentation, repetition, and practice."

Diana Mellar's piece entitled Mr. Downy, JrDiana Mellar, "Mr. Downy, Jr." (digital)
Another Daily Artist, Jools Skeet, created 365 miniature clay critters over the course of the last year. She then photographed each critter in various places and surroundings, showcasing that creativity can be expressed in many unexpected and delightful ways. Check out the photo album of her tiny creatures’ daily adventures on display at the Gallery from January 19th– February 10th. The public can purchase one of these cute critters and its corresponding daily photo for $5. Make sure to look-up your birthday critter and find out what it was up to last year!

Jools Skeet, clay critters
These pieces and many other inspiring works are on display at this year’s Daily Artist’s Exhibit, which runs from January 19th– February 10th in the Gallery at ArtisTree. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 4 PM.
On a final note, this year the Daily Artists community welcomes a new facilitator, Adrian Tans, the Gallery Director at ArtisTree. Adrian is excited to be supporting the daily artists and also looks forward to adding a few fun twists. For instance, Adrian is going to start “word of the week”, which will be a word prompt that artists can use as inspiration. This will be a fun way to mix things up for those artists who have been a part of Daily Artists for many years, as well as a possible launch pad for beginners looking for direction. The word can be interpreted however the artists choose, and can be used for one day or many.
And, if an artist does not want to use the word of the week, that is fine, too. Adrian wants people to know that part of what makes the Daily Artists community special is not only the supportive and inclusive nature of the group but also its ability to offer participants "both a quiet sense of community and an actual sense of community." His hope is that participants feel they are part of something larger while working individually, and also part of an actual community when they come together every few weeks over a potluck meal. These gatherings will continue to provide artists with an opportunity to connect with each other and highlight some of the work being created.

Jennifer Dembinski, "Still Life with Limited Pallette" Jennifer Dembinski, "Still Life with Limited Palette" (oil)
For anyone interested in learning more about Daily Artists and/or the upcoming exhibit, please visit ArtisTree’s website at, or call 802-457-3500. Also, Adrian can be reached directly by email at