South Pomfret, Vermont
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DaddyLongLegs in concert

DaddyLongLegs is the confluence of three well-known Vermont musicians whose talents merge to form a highly original acoustic trio.

Infusing catchy folk songs, Celtic and old-timey melodies and early minstrel and jazz pieces with passion and intricacy, DaddyLongLegs is playful and dynamic. With fiddle, viola, banjo, gourd banjo, piano, button accordion, guitar, percussion and vocals, DaddyLongLegs creates vibrant, sensitive and surprising 21st century folk music. 

“The band’s debut is a finely curated collection of traditional tunes and originals, performed with exceptional skill and taste. It’s also a remarkably warm-sounding record, engineered and mixed by Michael Chorney and mastered by Lane Gibson, two of Vermont’s steadier hands behind the recording console.” ~Dan Bolles, Seven Days 

“Stephen and I wanted to thank you all for an amazing night. DaddyLongLegs is a fantastic combination of talents that made the night extra special.” ~Edna Sutton, Brandon Music 

“These long-time friends and collaborators will take you on a musical journey around the world with their wonderful arrangements of traditional and original tunes on fiddle, banjo, guitar and piano.”  ~Beth Duquette, Ripton Community Coffee House 

“Each track is lively yet delicate, like a swath of colorful lace, noiseless and soothing. I heard playfulness, joy, invitation, welcome, smiling, lightheartedness, frolic, curiosity and bare feet dancing.” ~Ron Rubin, poet