South Pomfret, Vermont
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Cooking: Fun Food Science and Experiments

Science in the kitchen? You bet! Chemistry was never so tasty!

Science in the kitchen? You bet! Chemical reactions happen all the time in the kitchen! Did you know you can make ice cream in a plastic bag, turn milk into glue, and even make homemade flubber? We’ll do all of that even make some rock candy and our very own volcano! Please let Holly know about any food allergies.

Holly Pierce writes, “For almost 30 years I have been bringing the righteous gospel of food love to folks everywhere. From restaurant and catering kitchens to home kitchens, indoor and outdoor classrooms, farms to farmers markets, corporations and small businesses, I've had the joy of interacting with people in so many different settings. I learned classic culinary skills and techniques in professional and educational kitchens. Continued studies in nutrition and holistic healing, human behavior and lifestyles, spirituality and mind-body practices give me a unique perspective and approach to food and wellness. I am deeply passionate about local food, farming and agriculture. When I am doing a cooking demonstration at the market, preparing a meal for a client, encouraging creativity in the classroom or sharing what I've learned, I am living the gospel of food. And bringing the love.”
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