South Pomfret, Vermont
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Cook it Speak it...Japanese is on the Menu: Holiday Appetizers!

Explore recipes for simple and delicious appetizers with Japanese/Asian flavors for this holiday season

Are your taste buds ready for a new sensation? Learn how to cook authentic Japanese dishes using locally sourced ingredients and easy-to-find seasonings. Sweet? Bitter? Sour? Hot? Salty? We will taste it all! 

All dishes will be vegetarian and may include eggs but no meat or seafood. 

Over the course of the class Azusa will sprinkle in Japanese vocabulary words and phrases to enhance your experience. Come have fun while creating delicious, healthy recipes and learning some Japanese!

Participants should bring a cutting board, knife, and apron to class.  All ingredients will be provided.

If participants wish to learn to cook meat or seafood, please contact Azusa at

Private workshops can be accommodated; please inquire.

Azusa Mihara grew up in Japan. Her mother cooked delicious “comfort food” and her father was a professional chef who enjoyed experimenting with culinary ideas and ingredients. Azusa draws inspiration from both her parents’ love of cooking and has cultivated her own style of creative cuisine. For Azusa, food was always the center of conversation for her family, and as she’s traveled over the years food continues to be a focus for fun and making wonderful memories. Throughout her career in the hospitality industry Azusa has enjoyed exhibiting her creativity during events, pairing wines and hosting dinner parties. She loves cooking for others and warms in the conversation that food can bring to a table of friends and loved ones.