South Pomfret, Vermont
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Computer Programming: Animations and Games

Create animated stories and build computer games using the computer language Scratch.

Learn animated story telling and computer game building through the popular computer language Scratch, a learning tool developed at MIT. Scratch is a real programming language that is block-based and visual: kids snap together blocks like they are building with digital Legos. Learn to drag blocks of commands across the computer screen into a sequence that makes your story characters move and interact. Your projects are shareable online from your own teacher-created account so that family and friends can see your work. As you design and share Scratch projects, you learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively, essential skills for everyone in today’s society. And it’s fun! Laptop computers are provided for this camp.

Eileen Vaughn has worked as a Library Media Specialist in Vermont for the past 17 years. Eileen sees about 200 different students each week at Barnard Academy, Killington Elementary School, and The Prosper Valley School, and she truly loves her work. Her job involves children, teachers, books, and technology. What a life! When not teaching, Eileen is an artist and a painter. For more information about Eileen, visit her website.