South Pomfret, Vermont
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News from Artistree

Get to know ArtisTree through our blog! Written by ArtisTree staff and special guest writers, we are sure to entertain, educate and hopefully make you come back for more! Posted weekly.

It's a Ruff Life

Read an excerpt from The Daisy Diaries about her experience as the newest addition at Artistree.

Artsy Abstract Sketchbooks!

Step by step to make your own journal from scratch! The fun in this project is—aside from making an actual pad of paper!—exploring the unpredictable and uncontrollable qualities of paint like the Abstract Expressionist painters did.

Photographing Small Works of Art with Natural Light

A quick tutorial for photographing small art at home using easily found materials and natural light.

Summer Classes, Workshops and Camps at Your Fingertips!

Download our 2018 Summer Brochure today and browse our amazing line-up starting in June!

Former Mermaid and Amazing Artist - Meet Margaret Dwyer

Artist, friend and instructor at ArtisTree.

Doodle Magic is a Joy

Check out the Doodle/Magic Joy app. It's for children, and those who are children at heart, like me!

Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Creative Teamwork

Being creative can be hard. Why go it alone?

Discovering the Diddley Bow

Learning about homemade musical instruments such as the Diddley Bow.

The Daily Artists: Reflecting on Moving into Our 5th Year

It all began with: “Wouldn’t it be great to have a daily painting group at ArtisTree? Like the ones they have on-line, but this one would be a real life community of artists.” And the rest is history.

Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Solstice Turning Point

Photography is a readily available modality for creating reflective moments for the self and others