South Pomfret, Vermont
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Bill Cole and Joseph Daley Duo

An improvised performance with double reed horns from India, China, and Korea plus Didgeridoo (Bill Cole), and euphonium (Joseph Daley).

Bill Cole – Asian double reed horns, flutes, didgeridoo
Joseph Daley – Euphonium, tuba, balaphone, flutes

Bassist William Parker calls BILL COLE “master of the double reed”. The term ‘double reed’ comes from playing two pieces of cane vibrating against each other. Cole’s expertise is with the nagaswarm, sona, and shenai. The South Indian nagaswarm, and the North Indian shenai, are generally played with drums. The sona is of Han Chinese origin. Cole is the founder of The Untempered Ensemble.

JOESEPH DALEY, a long-time co-member of Cole’s Untempered Ensemble and 40-year member on the creative music scene, has worked with artists like Sam Rivers, Carla Bley, and Charlie Haden, as well as other major artists like Muhal Richard Abrams, Jason Hwang and Dave Douglas. An original member of Howard Johnson’s groundbreaking tuba ensemble, His Earth Tones Ensemble is a full Jazz orchestra. He also leads his Ebony Brass Quintet. Daley also plays euphonium & valve trombone.

“If the music I compose provides one with a sense of beauty, inner peace and introspection then I am pleased” (Joe Daley)