South Pomfret, Vermont
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Acrobatic Arts Camp

Join Kaitlyn Knapp in this active acrobatics summer camp for all levels.

Join certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor Kaitlyn Knapp this summer and have a great time learning tumbling, limbering, balancing, contortion, and partner acro! Campers can expect to make gains in flexibility, strength, and artistry throughout the week as we explore different skills, drills, stretches, and dance moves that can be easily combined with ground acro. Kaitlyn is able to accommodate and safely challenge all skill levels. Whether you are brand new to acro or have been studying it for years, you'll enjoy this super fun week of acro progress and bonding with new friends indoors and outside in beautiful rural Vermont. 

Campers, please wear one of the following clothing choices:
1. a leotard (dance or gymnastics type) with dancer shorts or capris
2. a close-fitting tank top or t-shirt and athletic shorts

Bare feet are best for acro, but please bring a pair of sneakers for our daily outdoor warm ups. Don’t forget your water bottle and a healthy snack each day!

Kaitlyn Knapp offers students a rich and engaging experience in her dance and acro dance classroom. Her classes provide a fun atmosphere where children and teens can develop self-discipline, focus, confidence, and lasting friendships. In the process of learning the skills presented, students are transformed into dance artists and well-rounded athletes. Kaitlyn is a graduate of Plymouth State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance Management and Instruction, and she is a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor. For more information about Kaitlyn please see her website.