South Pomfret, Vermont
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A NEW ArtisTree Gallery the village!

ArtisTree Community Arts Center and Gallery is very excited to announce a new development in the life of the arts in the Village of Woodstock. ArtisTree Gallery, In the Village!

Our new ADDITIONAL location is at One the Green, which is on the corner of Central St & Elm St- right in the center of the village. The new gallery space contains two rooms, one dedicated to consistently showing local artists' work and another room as an intimate space for rotating shows to explore art that will be a novel and exciting experience. Our inaugural exhibit will be a take off on an old favorite from the Pomfret gallery, 50@50.

In the Village we will feature 100@100! 100 squares sized at 10 inches x 10 inches (100sq inches) all being sold for, you guessed it, $100 each.

We will welcome the community when we open our doors on Saturday, December 7th from 11-6 with a small reception from 4-6.

Following that, our usual hours will be Tuesday through Sunday, 11am - 6pm. Also, when you come by over the next several months, don't be surprised to find a local artist running the shop! This will be a great way for interested visitors to our area to meet the folks who make our arts community possible, as well as a port of call for locals to stop and get to know the art community better. We hope to see you there!