South Pomfret, Vermont
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A Day of Fun Printmaking

Bring a lunch and enjoy a day of creative printmaking.

Great for families! Join us for a spring day of printmaking. Bring a lunch and, weather permitting, we can picnic on the lawn in the sunshine.

In the first half of this workshop you will learn the art of trace monotypes (also known as transfer drawings). This is a direct-drawn printmaking technique. After inking a plate, paper is placed on top of the inky surface and, using a pen, an image is drawn on the back of the fresh paper. The pressure of the drawing tool transfers the image to the paper. Trace monotype is typically done without a printing press, so students can quickly adapt and use this technique at home or in their studios.

Class will break for a half-hour lunch. In the second half of this workshop, you will learn relief printmaking. Originating in Ancient China, relief printmaking is a fascinating art form. Historically, relief printing is the process of carving wood;  this workshop will use pens and foam (no sharp tools!). We will draw into small square pieces of foam to create a relief surface, or stamp, which we’ll then ink and print repeatedly to create a radial image. We’ll print our images over an abstract watercolor painting to create a fun and colorful design.

Benjamin S. Anderson has lived coast to coast. As a practicing musician and artist throughout his life, Benjamin was motivated to pursue an MFA in painting to expand his knowledge and develop a pedagogical approach to observational painting. He received a BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2016 and an MFA from Bowling Green State University in 2019. Benjamin has exhibited at numerous venues and his works are in private collections nationwide. For more information about Benjamin please visit his website.